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Why Join?

For Competitors

Every bodybuilder and fitness model wants to get noticed and make a name in the industry. If you're planning to compete, you need to stay-up-date with the latest bodybuilding events and prepare yourself ahead of time. Getting ready for a contest can take months. Natural Bodyz is an online portal featuring the most popular natural bodybuilding events/ competitions. It's the ultimate destination for any bodybuilder looking to compete.


Find Bodybuilding Shows in Your Area

Natural Bodyz offers information about the latest bodybuilding competitions across the country. Members have access to a special section with links to all the Natural bodybuilding shows on the OCB/NANBF/IFPA Circuit. If you're interested in competing, check out the site and search for a contest in your area. It's that easy!

Sign up for Your Favorite Events

Once you join Natural Bodyz, you'll be able to sign up for fitness events with a few clicks. All you have to do is to complete a simple form with basic details about yourself. You can even schedule your own polygraph times, and upload your contest music for future natural bodybuilding competitions.

Claim Your Free Profile

Natural Bodyz allows competitors to create a free profile and showcase their achievements. Natural Bodyz will promote your contest pictures and help you succeed.

Buy Fitness Gear Online

Are looking for the coolest fitness tops and T-shirts? Natural Bodyz brings you the most exciting bodybuilding products available today. As a member, you have full access to an online store offering short sleeve T-shirts, hoodies, tees, tank tops and much more. The products are available in a wide range of colors and sizes. The team from Natural Bodyz knows that feeling comfortable at the gym is crucial to your success, so they offers the best products at a great price. Natural Bodyz is a official licensee of the OCB and IFPA

For Promoters

This online platform connects promoters with natural bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts who want to compete. As a promoter, you can list each of your competitions and manage registration all from one place.


Gain Exposure Online


Natural Bodyz is the best place to advertise your up coming bodybuilding event and manage your event online. Promoters have access to hundreds of member profiles, so they can easily collect contestants' details. You can even download all contestant music within minutes.


Manage Event Details and Registrations Easily


Are you hosting a natural bodybuilding competition? Then you should definitely promote your business through Natural Bodyz. Make your show easy to find for competitors and gain exposure for your products! Once you join this online platform, you'll be able to contact contestants directly and manage all contest information. Promoters can manage their shows easily without having to worry about manual paperwork.


Get Full Support


Natural Bodyz provides a polygraph time scheduler, so you won’t have to waste time sending countless emails to contestants. An entry/signup form to your show is automatically created for your competitors to join. As a promoter, you're going to receive detailed repots about the number of contestants, playlists, polygraph appointments and other important aspects.


Sell Your Products Online


Promoters who join Natural Bodyz can sales their products. If you don’t have an online store or you simple want more exposure, you can sell your products on Natural Bodyz. Whether you’re offering T-shirts, bodybuilding supplements, or fitness gear, take advantage of this opportunity and reach thousands of new customers.

For Sponsors

Our online platform has hundreds of users from all over the world. We've gathered natural fitness models and natural bodybuilders who want to take their career to the next level. At Natural Bodyz, we believe that competing and staying drug-free is the best way to live whether you're an athlete or a fitness enthusiast.


Companies can support our community by sponsoring bodybuilding and fitness events. By supporting our athletes, you can increase brand awareness, reach new customers and promote your services and products.

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